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View the highlight item: R. S. Ripley
R. S. Ripley strst001001059
View the highlight item: Sevilla. Fiestas de Primavera 1932. Semana...
Sevilla. Fiestas de Primavera 1932. Semana... bdssp25008
View the highlight item: A Clear Crystal Glass Jar...
A Clear Crystal Glass Jar... A0324
View the highlight item: Mlle. Beaumaine, Paris
Mlle. Beaumaine, Paris dscsi03002

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Looking Back at Summer Camp 2023

by asc47 20 days ago

Written by Will Shaw on behalf of the Library Summer Camp organizing committee.  From June to August, most students may be off campus, but summer is still a busy time at Duke Libraries. Between attending conferences, preparing for fall semester, and tackling those projects we couldn't quite fit into the academic year, Libraries staff have…
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