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President Few succumbs bdsnc102157
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The woman in battle: the adventures, exploits,... bdspa032455
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A broker. bdsny21299
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Visit Italy. bdsit05013
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For the people of N.C. bdsnc071910
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An entertainment for the benefit of the... bdsva063444

About the Digital Collection

The Broadsides and Ephemera Collection contains broadsides, pamphlets, form letters, posters, newspapers, tickets, and other short printed items dating from the eighteenth to the twentieth century (with the majority dating from the nineteenth century). Truly an interdisciplinary collection, the Broadsides and Ephemera Collection includes materials related to political campaigns, politics, theater, dance, popular entertainments, immigration and emigration, advertising, travel, expositions, military recruitment and campaigns, as well as issues related to race, class, gender, and religion.

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