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R. S. Ripley strst001001059
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Forward, March dscsi02551
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Old North State Cigarettes D0308
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Personal correspondence, 1869-1874, 1882-1890 cnhms03007

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EDTF-Humanize 2.0 with Improved Internationalization Support

by Cory Lown 12 days ago

About four years ago we released a small Ruby gem (EDTF-Humanize) to generate human readable dates out of Extended Date Time Format dates. For some background on our use of the EDTF standard, please see our previous blog posts on the topic: EDTF-Humanize, Enjoy your Metadata: Fun with Date Encoding, and It’s Date Night Here … Continue reading EDTF-Humanize 2.0 with Improved Internationalization Support

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