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2. The Two-Cereal Idea Sure Builds the Appetite!

3. If you could see the Germs in Your Throat

4. How Old Are You?

5. Child Caught Cold; Pneumonia Feared

6. Don't let Influenza get the upper hand

7. #NAME?

8. Trustworthy in a hundred little emergencies

10. Reduce Easy As ABC! The Same Simple Way The Stars Use To Reduce!

11. Controlled test on 102 people shows 1/2 As Many Colds For Listerine Users

12. To a woman in love ...Dew is absolutely necessary

14. A Gargle Won't Help Your Sore Throat

15. "We guard our throats against germs"

16. "-but sore throat is only the beginning!"

17. Undated manuscript fragment mentioning allegations by a nabob

18. Clippings, article fragments, notes, inventories of other holdings.

19. Untitled anti-communist lecture, undated

20. NYPD, updated, undated