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801. George W. Brown papers

802. Patrick H. Delphane papers

803. Zachary Taylor Durham papers

804. Henry Elias Fries papers

805. Social note from Frances (Fanny) Anne Kemble to Charlotte Cushman, undated

806. Edward Benner papers

807. Alice Cary papers

808. Francis Capper Brooke letters

809. Bland family papers

810. James Lusk Alcorn letter

811. Orville Elias Babcock letters

812. S. Coates papers

813. William F. Clegg papers

814. Sarah E. Bishop papers

815. James H. Burton papers

816. Cooper-Purefoy family papers

817. A. V. Burns letter to James William Denver

818. George William Brown letter

819. Daniel Henry Chamberlain letters

820. R. Nelson Bennett letters

821. Frederick Douglass letter and autograph

822. Sylvester Bleckley letters

823. Cornelius Rea Agnew letters

824. Henry Stuart Foote papers

825. R. N. Crooks papers

826. Francis Dumaresq papers

827. Joseph E. Bailey papers

828. John W. Beckwith letter

829. Madison Bell letters

830. Middleton Pope Barrow letters

831. Lucius Horace Featherston papers, 1877-1900.

832. Myra Davis correspondence

833. George A. Cooke papers

834. William Maxwell Evarts papers

835. William Henry Crook papers

836. Martha Atwater papers

837. Thomas M. Cathcart letters

838. Kate Futcher letters and photographs

839. Richard Jordan Gatling papers

840. W. G. Davis papers

841. Clement A. Evans papers

842. Richard M. Dwyer correspondence

843. H. P. Blount papers

844. Anthony Comstock papers

845. Simeon Barker letters

846. Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana Papers

847. Albert Gallatin Carr papers

848. Charles Gayarré papers

849. Joachim Andersen papers

850. Thomas C. Ball correspondence

851. William Henry Burr letters

852. John M. Bailey letter

853. Joseph S. Armfield papers

854. McDonald Furman papers

855. Ira Leo Bamberger letters

856. George William Curtis papers

857. George B. Cramer diary

858. Charles William Eliot papers

859. Adolph Enenkl papers

860. Grover Cleveland papers

861. J. P. Garris letters

862. John Bobbitt papers

863. E. W. Crutchfield papers

864. Augustus Octavious Bacon papers

865. Bill Arp papers

866. John Wesley Churchill letter

867. Webster J. Colburn letter

868. Mary Sue Etheridge papers

869. James Lane Allen papers

870. Thomas W. Babb papers

871. James L. Fleming papers

872. James M. Campbell letter

873. T. C. De Leon letters

874. William L. Calhoun papers

875. Madison Cawein papers

876. John W. Clinedinst papers

877. William H. Brawley Papers

878. A.W. Fenton papers

879. East Tennessee Land Company papers

880. Archie Brydges letters

881. Mamie Draper midwife journal

882. James Wilson Bright correspondence

883. Alice Judah Clarke papers

884. William B. Dupree papers

885. John Joseph Patrick Barnett papers

886. Walter Clark papers

887. Joel H. DuBose papers

888. Neal Dow letter

889. John S. Cairns papers

890. Willis Boyd notebook

891. Albert E. Boone Railway construction contracts

892. Frances Courtenay Baylor letter

893. Oscar H. Allen papers

894. Harriet F. Bartlett letters

895. Isaac Thomas Avery letter

896. Charles B. Alston papers

897. Mary Mapes Dodge note

899. Margaret Crawford Adams letter

900. William Jennings Bryan letter to Susan L. Avery