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204. "Certainly, Sir Francis, We'll Ship Your Doubloons in Advance."

205. "Cette Caraïbes qui est nôtre" (2); Jamayik, Tè Karayib Vyolans; Jamayik, Tè Karayib Demokrasi

206. "Chalk up another dead duck, Jim!"

207. "Charlie's call to come quick sold me the Businessman's Airline"

209. "Choose Your Makeup By The Color Of Your Eyes"

212. "Coast to Coast" It Tunes Your Aerial, The Radio Clearatuner

213. "Coke belongs"

215. "Colonial Airlines is a faster way"

216. "Columbia"

217. "Come Out Of The Kitchen Mother!"

218. "Company... Dismissed!"

219. "Comparative statement of the produce of the Opium Sales," 1798-1800

220. "Completely Refreshing"

221. "Completely refresing"

222. "Containers"

223. "Conversation Lines"

224. "Courage"

225. "Credit Gladly" Eastern Outfitting co. Stylish Apparel for Men and Women

226. "Da Vis!"

227. "Dad, this is the best gift I've ever had!"

228. "Daddy, let's go to Los Angeles!"

229. "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

230. "Deals sweeter than swiped watermelons"

232. "Did you ring, sir?"

233. "Dining at Bob's of course."

235. "Do YOU ever feel like Quadruplets?"

236. "Dodge Trucks Save Money Every Mile!"

237. "Dodge Trucks Save Money Every Mile!"

239. "Don't Fuss, Mother, This Isn't So Fast"

240. "Don't follow in Dad's footsteps, Junior" W. P. Freight Claims Agent warns son

241. "Don't forget me when you get your Nash."

242. "Don't forget me when you get your Nash."

243. "Don't forget me when you get your Nash."

245. "Don't hang your head 'cause youth has fled, Renew your charm with Dutch Boy White-Lead"

246. "Don't make your face an experimental laboratory" say 250 skin specialists