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151. "Belle of Virginia"

152. "Berlin Airlift" in Your Own Home Town!

153. "Best Buick Yet"

154. "Best Buick Yet" Brock 31 Years with Buick

155. "Best Buick Yet" Brock 31 Years with Buick

156. "Best Buick Yet" [rest of headline blocked by building]

157. "Best Cleaner Yet...for a Quick Clean-up From Cellar to Attic"

158. "Best Friend"

159. "Best bet's Buick"

160. "Big Bev" is making Columbus Food History

161. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

162. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

163. "Black & White" Announces a COMPANION Scotch

164. "Black & White" Scotch.

166. "Boston" Rubbers are made in these Mills

167. "Botran reduces grape rots in field and storage."

168. "Boy! what a train!" Superchief between Chicago and California

169. "Boy, it's refreshing" Sealtest Ice Cream

170. "Bright Touch"- for a bright spring!

171. "Brighter Teeth?" "Yes!" "Quicker Action?" "Yes!"

173. "Buddy" Miner's Footwear

174. "Buddy" Miner's Footwear

175. "Build for Her"

176. "Build for Her"

177. "Build for Her"

178. "Build for Her"

179. "Build for Her"

180. "Build for her"

182. "Bushkill Lager"

183. "But Mister Officer, it's a Nash."

184. "But you've got to get here tomorrow!"

186. "Buy An Extra War Bond For You-And Me..."

187. "By Golly! This is the stuff" says Arthur Godfrey

189. "C'est Magnifique!"

192. "Call Associates ...nice people with money to loan you."

195. "Can this be the deb's Mother?"

196. "Can we get those blues from Memphis?"

198. "Can't you gals see beyond your nose?"

200. "Candy is dandy"- but try a Barbasol face