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41. [Menaion].

42. [New Testament, Gospels].

43. [Psalter and Odes of Moses with liturgy for Vespers].

44. [New Testament, Gospel Lectionary for 5th Sunday of John and 3rd-6th Sunday of Mark].

45. [Gospel Lectionary for dates in June, July and August].

46. [New Testament Gospel Lectionary].

47. [New Testament Gospels].

48. [Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great].

49. [New Testament Gospels].

50. [Gospel of St. Mark].

51. [Homilies of Saints John Chrysostum, John of Damascus and others].

52. Fragment from Tafsīr al-Māwardī.

53. [Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great].

54. [Commentary on the Song of Solomon, 1:1-6:8 by Michael Psellus].

55. [Liturgical miscellany].

56. [Theological Miscellanea, including works by Saints John of Damascus and Gregory Thaumatugus].

57. [Liturgical miscellany].

58. [Fragmentary liturgical manuscript containing special prayers and liturgies].

59. [Psalter and Odes of Moses].

60. [Euchologion].