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24901. Your banker doesn't want you to see this IRA yield. 11.15%

24902. No Sweat

24903. King of Columbus

24904. It's time epileptics learned their place

24907. Sitting Pretty in Lumber City

24908. I listen to 1010 Wins two, three, four times a day

24911. The new shape of tough: the '87 Ford pickup.

24912. Remember... Club Med

24915. Waddle, Wiggle, Jiggle

24916. The new look at Ford. A trend-setting theme.

24917. The best connection in town

24919. We've spent $60 million improving our hotel

24920. Chante Radyo Solèy: 1. Flajelasyon; 2. Lè m pa wè solèy la.

24921. El sello de frescura

24923. After a tough day on the job, you could use a pick-me-up.

24925. How to liquidate your waterbed

24926. For temporary relief

24927. Untitled

24928. Coca Cola Classic

24929. Advanced Design. Designed to Reward You.

24931. What's an orgy?

24932. Turns mountains into molehills. Fleet One

24933. Everyone wishes they could go to work in their Levi's

24934. If you've crossed the cocaine line call ATEP at 968-7006

24935. WTIC 1080

24936. Everything they want for Christmas except the Mercedes

24937. a bc defghijklmnopq

24938. Jantzen at Robinson's

24939. Bacardi & O.J.

24940. We're not too big to be friendly

24941. United Colors of Benetton

24942. Look at what we added to the Tide Line

24944. The perfect recess

24945. See San Diegos Most Famous High Rise

24946. Know the score

24947. Don't take it sitting down.

24949. Slice. New! From the makers of Pepsi

24950. Fight street grime

24951. Action and Reaction

24952. We can connect you now

24953. Camel Filters

24954. Foreign ads

24955. Inter-Actualités Magazine: Kont "polis spesyal" pou peye konstitiyan yo (1)

24957. Great Taste

24958. We pour on the Color.

24959. It's time we came in from the cold

24960. Stop Ducking the Issue! Buckle Up

24961. The Great Carat Sale, Word Travels fast

24962. Jack Sprat prefers Safeway meats

24963. Thrill

24964. Not the same old song and dance

24965. Kongfrontation

24967. Memorial Hospital by Belcrest Bentz Interiors

24968. Come on down. San Diego.

24969. Control. And a new way to exercise it.

24970. 14 Karat Clout.

24971. Disarm a potential killer. The alternative at Heartland West

24972. Tuscon Citizen

24973. The Promenade, Expand your horizons

24975. St. Mary's Emergency Department

24976. Thanks for the warm welcome

24977. Restaurants

24978. The other banks don't want you to know about BanClub checking

24979. Ole's the biggest name in savings

24980. Dancing Dolphins now at Knott's Berry Farm

24981. Seiko jewelry collection

24982. People prefer new home featuring high-efficiency gas heat

24983. Celebrate the San Diego Zoo's 70th birthday

24984. The Laws of Aerodynamics Expressed in Automotive Terms

24985. Your 10.9% R.V. loan is waiting.

24986. Soak Up the Disney Channel

24987. Ford Fiesta.

24988. Summer Sizzles at Hy-Vee

24989. WDEL 1150, snow watch

24990. The Texas Club. Better Than Spinach.

24991. Rock 105

24992. Kodak pours on the color

24993. Meet the couple next door

24994. The MBank home improvement loan. Just add water

24995. When you had your first child, you needed a crib.

24996. Call Ford's truck hotline about Ford's hot truck line!

24997. Need a hand? See the lending leader

24999. Hard Hitting Football Coverage

25000. Even wrestling is believable on a Zenith