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1. Communist Party of Los Angeles papers

2. Thomas W. Clawson papers

3. Carothers Coal Company records

4. Mary Louise Campbell diary

5. Commission on Interracial Cooperation papers

6. Co-operative Commonwealth Federation papers

7. Harry Lee Cooper papers

8. William Kimbrough Carr papers

9. George Washington Carver letter

10. Carrie Chapman Catt letter

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15. J. W. Alston military orders

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19. Grace Hazard Conkling papers

20. Felix Boisson letters

21. R. H. Bevandag letter

22. Charlotte Crittenden Everett papers

23. Speculum Vitae: essai de philosophie mystique manuscripts

24. John H. Duane papers

25. Mary Farrar papers

26. Buffalo Bill papers

27. California Perfume Company color plate catalog

28. Charles W. Brown papers

29. Lascelles Abercrombie letter

30. Philiip Powell Calvert papers

31. James Beauchamp Clark letter

32. Shelby M. Cullom papers

33. Greenville First Baptist Church papers

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42. William Jennings Bryan letter to Susan L. Avery

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51. Albert E. Boone Railway construction contracts

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61. Mamie Draper midwife journal

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63. East Tennessee Land Company papers

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65. William H. Brawley Papers

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96. Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana Papers

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99. H. P. Blount papers

100. Richard M. Dwyer correspondence