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41. K'in Obregon, Lacandón, ruins of Lacanjá, 1961

42. The Saint, San Andrés, visiting at the Festival of Santiago, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1962

43. Chan K'in Viejo with his son, K'in Garcia, in the god house, Lacandon, Naja, 1963

44. Chamula woman and child at Mitontic Festival, Tzotzil, San Miguel, 1963

45. Celestino, Lacandon, Lacanja Chan Sayab, 1964

46. Old Tzotzil man, San Andres, 1965

47. Tzotzil cutting hair, Chilil, 1965

48. Ceiba, The Sacred Tree of the Maya, Yaxchilán, 1967

49. Religious procession, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1967

50. San Andrés Indians visiting Santiago, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1967

51. Cut mahogany, Lacandón jungle near Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1968

52. Magdalenas dressing the saint for a visit to Santa Marta, Tzotzil, 1968

53. Ladino students reenacting Aztec history, San Miguel Mitontic, 1969

54. Chamula family on the road to Tzmtehaitz, Tzotzil, The Sacred Mountain of Chamula, 1971

55. Tzotzil captains and patron in festival procession, Santiago, 1971

56. Gourd tree, Huitiupán, 1972

57. K'ayum and Pedro K'ayum, Lacandón, Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1972

58. Chamula woman praying to San Miguel, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1973

59. Religious official, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1974

60. Lacandón jungle between Sibál and Najá, 1974