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1. "People of the Forest" exhibit poster, 1984

2. Barry Norris interviewed by Alex Harris, 2015

3. Calle Diego Dugelay, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 1951

4. Ceiba, The Sacred Tree of the Maya, Yaxchilán, 1967

5. Celestino, Lacandon, Lacanja Chan Sayab, 1964

6. Chamula boy carrying burlap bag of pine boughs for a ceremony, Tzotztil, undated

7. Chamula family on the road to Tzmtehaitz, Tzotzil, The Sacred Mountain of Chamula, 1971

8. Chamula teacher with Zinacantec students, Tzotzil, Ichin Ton, 1953

9. Chamula woman and child at Mitontic Festival, Tzotzil, San Miguel, 1963

10. Chamula woman praying to San Miguel, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1973

11. Chamula women, Tzotzil, Romerillo, 1959

12. Chan K'in Presidente, Mateo Viejo, and K'in Garcia in the highlands, Lacandon, 1977

13. Chan K'in Viejo weighing tobacco, Lacandón, Najá, 1952

14. Chan K'in Viejo with his son, K'in Garcia, in the god house, Lacandon, Naja, 1963

15. Chan K'in Viejo with his wife Koh, Lacandon, Trudi's camp at Najá, 1976

16. Chenalhó religious official in the market, Tzotzil, Chalchihuitán, 1954

17. Chilón, 1960

18. Clearing land, Frontera Corozal

19. Cut mahogany, Lacandón jungle near Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1968

20. Cut mahogany, Najá, 1979