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1. Barry Norris interviewed by Alex Harris, 2015

2. "People of the Forest" exhibit poster, 1984

3. Cut mahogany, Najá, 1979

4. K'ayum Ma'ax with accordion, Lacandón, Najá, 1979

5. Lacandón women making clay figures to sell, Najá, 1978

6. Chan K'in Presidente, Mateo Viejo, and K'in Garcia in the highlands, Lacandon, 1977

7. K'ayum Ma'ax, Lacandon, Najá, 1977

8. Chan K'in Viejo with his wife Koh, Lacandon, Trudi's camp at Najá, 1976

9. Lacanjá River, 1975

10. Religious official, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1974

11. Lacandón jungle between Sibál and Najá, 1974

12. Tzotzil men in front of the church, Santiago, 1974

13. Chamula woman praying to San Miguel, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1973

14. Gourd tree, Huitiupán, 1972

15. K'ayum and Pedro K'ayum, Lacandón, Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1972

16. Chamula family on the road to Tzmtehaitz, Tzotzil, The Sacred Mountain of Chamula, 1971

17. Tzotzil captains and patron in festival procession, Santiago, 1971

18. Ladino students reenacting Aztec history, San Miguel Mitontic, 1969

19. Cut mahogany, Lacandón jungle near Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1968

20. Magdalenas dressing the saint for a visit to Santa Marta, Tzotzil, 1968