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1. Zapatista, Yautepec, 1941

2. Pepe Castillo, Lacandon, Monte Libano, 1943

3. Don Florentino with his son, Tzeltal, Jetjá, 1943

4. Ladino women, Malinalco, 1944

5. Pedro Contreras with armadillo, San Quintín, 1946

6. Manuel Castellanos, Tzotzil, assisting voter registration of Chamula Indians, 1946

7. Mahogany loggers at the Lacanjá River, Montería, 1948

8. Lacandón man, Najá, 1948

9. Lacandon men near the Chocoljá River, Arena, 1948

10. Vicente Chaqueta with his son, Lacandon, Censo, 1948

11. Vicente Bor performing religious ceremony with corn gruel, Lacandón, Jataté River, 1950

12. Calle Diego Dugelay, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 1951

13. Vicente Bor, with sons K'in and K'ayum, leaving the jungle for Na Bolom, Lacandon, El Real, 1952

14. Medical clinic of the National Indian Institute, Chamula, 1952

15. Zinacantec nurse in the National Indian Institute, Tzotzil, Zinacantán, 1952

16. Chan K'in Viejo weighing tobacco, Lacandón, Najá, 1952

17. Old Tzotzil man carrying wheat, Huistán, 1952

18. Chamula teacher with Zinacantec students, Tzotzil, Ichin Ton, 1953

19. Chenalhó religious official in the market, Tzotzil, Chalchihuitán, 1954

20. Lacandon jungle between Las Margaritas and San Quintín, Tojolobal Indians, 1955