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1. Barry Norris interviewed by Alex Harris, 2015

2. "People of the Forest" exhibit poster, 1984

3. Cut mahogany, Najá, 1979

4. K'ayum Ma'ax with accordion, Lacandón, Najá, 1979

5. Lacandón women making clay figures to sell, Najá, 1978

6. Chan K'in Presidente, Mateo Viejo, and K'in Garcia in the highlands, Lacandon, 1977

7. K'ayum Ma'ax, Lacandon, Najá, 1977

8. Chan K'in Viejo with his wife Koh, Lacandon, Trudi's camp at Najá, 1976

9. Lacanjá River, 1975

10. Religious official, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1974

11. Lacandón jungle between Sibál and Najá, 1974

12. Tzotzil men in front of the church, Santiago, 1974

13. Chamula woman praying to San Miguel, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1973

14. Gourd tree, Huitiupán, 1972

15. K'ayum and Pedro K'ayum, Lacandón, Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1972

16. Chamula family on the road to Tzmtehaitz, Tzotzil, The Sacred Mountain of Chamula, 1971

17. Tzotzil captains and patron in festival procession, Santiago, 1971

18. Ladino students reenacting Aztec history, San Miguel Mitontic, 1969

19. Cut mahogany, Lacandón jungle near Lacanjá Chan Sayab, 1968

20. Magdalenas dressing the saint for a visit to Santa Marta, Tzotzil, 1968

21. Ceiba, The Sacred Tree of the Maya, Yaxchilán, 1967

22. Religious procession, Tzotzil, San Miguel Mitontic, 1967

23. San Andrés Indians visiting Santiago, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1967

24. Old Tzotzil man, San Andres, 1965

25. Tzotzil cutting hair, Chilil, 1965

26. Celestino, Lacandon, Lacanja Chan Sayab, 1964

27. Chan K'in Viejo with his son, K'in Garcia, in the god house, Lacandon, Naja, 1963

28. Chamula woman and child at Mitontic Festival, Tzotzil, San Miguel, 1963

29. The Saint, San Andrés, visiting at the Festival of Santiago, Tzotzil, Santiago, 1962

30. Tzeltal woman in the market, Yajalon, 1961

31. K'in Obregon, Lacandón, ruins of Lacanjá, 1961

32. Masked dancer, Tzotzil, Chenalhó Carnival, 1960

33. The Fire Run, Tzotzil, San Juan Chamula Carnival, 1960

34. Chilón, 1960

35. Lacandones from Monte Libano, El Real, 1959

36. Kimbor, Lacandón, Najá, 1959

37. Chamula women, Tzotzil, Romerillo, 1959

38. Lacandon boy, Cedro, 1959

39. Zinatec boys at political rally for López Mateos, Tzotzil, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 1958

40. Vincente Bor performing god house ceremony, Lacandón, Jataté, 1958

41. Tzotzil actors during the Festival of San Sebastián, Zincantán, 1958

42. Pedro K'ayum cutting down ceiba tree with machete, Lacandón, Jataté, 1958

43. Zinacantec musicians, Tzotzil, Navenchauc, 1958

44. Religious procession in the barrio of San Felipe, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 1958

45. K'in García in dugout canoe, Lacandón, Najá, 1958

46. Preparation for the Festival of San Andrés: sacristans building the sacred path, Tzotzil, San Andrés, 1956

47. Lacandon jungle between Las Margaritas and San Quintín, Tojolobal Indians, 1955

48. Festival of San Sebastián, Tzotzil, San Bartolomé de los Llanos, 1955

49. Ladino man on horseback, Santiago, 1955

50. Father Bermudez with festival officials, Tzotzil, San Juan Chamula Carnival, 1955

51. Zinacantec musicians, Tzotzil, Festival of San Sebastián, San Bartolomé de los Llanos, 1955

52. Chenalhó religious official in the market, Tzotzil, Chalchihuitán, 1954

53. Chamula teacher with Zinacantec students, Tzotzil, Ichin Ton, 1953

54. Vicente Bor, with sons K'in and K'ayum, leaving the jungle for Na Bolom, Lacandon, El Real, 1952

55. Medical clinic of the National Indian Institute, Chamula, 1952

56. Zinacantec nurse in the National Indian Institute, Tzotzil, Zinacantán, 1952

57. Chan K'in Viejo weighing tobacco, Lacandón, Najá, 1952

58. Old Tzotzil man carrying wheat, Huistán, 1952

59. Calle Diego Dugelay, San Cristóbal de las Casas, 1951

60. Vicente Bor performing religious ceremony with corn gruel, Lacandón, Jataté River, 1950

61. Mahogany loggers at the Lacanjá River, Montería, 1948

62. Lacandón man, Najá, 1948

63. Lacandon men near the Chocoljá River, Arena, 1948

64. Vicente Chaqueta with his son, Lacandon, Censo, 1948

65. Pedro Contreras with armadillo, San Quintín, 1946

66. Manuel Castellanos, Tzotzil, assisting voter registration of Chamula Indians, 1946

67. Ladino women, Malinalco, 1944

68. Pepe Castillo, Lacandon, Monte Libano, 1943

69. Don Florentino with his son, Tzeltal, Jetjá, 1943

70. Zapatista, Yautepec, 1941

72. Clearing land, Frontera Corozal

73. Chamula boy carrying burlap bag of pine boughs for a ceremony, Tzotztil, undated