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51. Cover of New York Free Press, Sept. 12-19, 1968

52. Female Firebrands, by Harriet Van Horne, Sept. 9, 1968

60. Protest songs for the Miss America protest

62. No More Miss America, by Women's Liberation, Sept. 5, 1968

65. Letter from Richard S. Jackson, Mayor of Atlantic City, to Robin Morgan, Sept. 4, 1968

66. American Beauty, by Bonny Cohen

68. Slavery Exists: Miss America is a Slave

72. Lesbians and Liberation, by Robin Morgan, Sept. 1968

73. Letter from Robin Morgan to Don Silverman, Sept. 1968

74. Who Will Miss America?

76. The Lyons Den, by Leonard Lyons, Aug. 31, 1968

77. Scenes, Aug. 29, 1968

83. Poor Black Women

85. Draft of Miss America essay by Robin Morgan

86. Letter from Susie [Suzanne Giddens?] to Robin Morgan

95. Notes from the First Year

96. There was a young woman who swallowed a lie

97. The Bitch Manifesto