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1. 'Women's Liberation' Aims to Free Men Too

3. After the Death of God the Father

7. American Beauty, by Bonny Cohen

8. Angela, Sister, You are Welcome in this House

13. Black Women's Liberation

14. Black Women's Manifesto

20. Cover of New York Free Press, Sept. 12-19, 1968

21. Covert Sex Discrimination Against Women as Medical Patients

24. Draft of Miss America essay by Robin Morgan

26. Equal Rights for Women

27. Female Firebrands, by Harriet Van Horne, Sept. 9, 1968

29. Feminist Economic Alliance Formed to Aid New Sister Credit Unions

31. Fight on Sisters: and Other Songs for Liberation

33. Freedom for Movement Girls - Now

36. Lesbians and Liberation, by Robin Morgan, Sept. 1968

37. Letter from Richard S. Jackson, Mayor of Atlantic City, to Robin Morgan, Sept. 4, 1968

38. Letter from Robin Morgan to Don Silverman, Sept. 1968

40. Letter from Robin Morgan to the New York Free Press, October 14, 1968

41. Letter from Susie [Suzanne Giddens?] to Robin Morgan

44. Miss America Goes Down, by Robin Morgan, Oct. 3, 1968

50. Mother Right: A New Feminist Theory

52. No More Fun and Games: a Journal of Female Liberation (v. 1, no. 2)

54. No More Miss America, by Women's Liberation, Sept. 5, 1968

55. No More Peace Teas, by Suzanne Giddens, Sept. 26, 1968

56. No More Peace Teas, by Suzanne Giddens, Sept. 26, 1968

57. Notes from the First Year

58. Notes from the Second Year: Women's Liberation

63. Poor Black Women

65. Protest songs for the Miss America protest

68. Scenes, Aug. 29, 1968

71. Slavery Exists: Miss America is a Slave

72. Socialist Feminism: a Strategy for the Women's Movement

74. Sweet 16 to Soggy 36: Saga of American Womanhood

75. The Bitch Manifesto

76. The Bra Burners, by Art Buchwald, Sept. 12, 1968

77. The Furies: Lesbian/Feminist Monthly (v. 1)

78. The Groucho Marxist, by Jonathan Rieder, Feb. 2, 1997

80. The Lyons Den, by Leonard Lyons, Aug. 31, 1968

85. The Prostitute: Paradigmatic Woman

87. The Tyranny of Structurelessness

88. The Woman-Identified Woman

90. The World Watches Angela

92. There was a young woman who swallowed a lie

93. United Women's Contingent: March on Washington Against the War, April 24 [1971]

96. Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

97. What Can Be Learned: A Critique of the Miss America Protest

98. What is the Revolutionary Potential of Women's Liberation?

99. Who Will Miss America?