Musée des Horreurs

Caricatures from Musée des Horreurs and Musée des Patriotes depicting the anti-Semitic sentiment in France during the Dreyfus Affair, published between 1899 and 1900. More »

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No. 16 Derniére Culbute mdhps01001020
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No. 34 Que le chambardement commence!! mdhps01001038
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No. 36 Fr. André mdhps01001040
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No. 3 A la Niche!!! mdhps01001007
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No. 50 Decrais à la tribune mdhps01001054
View the highlight item: No. 30 Le Châtiment
No. 30 Le Châtiment mdhps01001034

About the Digital Collection

This digital collection contains a complete set hand-colored lithographs published as Musée des Horreurs, and hand-colored lithographs published as Musée des Patriotes. The lithographs feature caricatures of various individuals involved in the Dreyfus Affair in France. The posters were originally produced from 1899 to 1900 by an artist using the pseudonym V. Lenepveu and document the anti-Semitic upsurge brought about by the Dreyfus Affair at the turn of the twentieth century. The caricatures from Musée des Horreurs include heads or faces of prominent Jews, Dreyfus supporters, and Republican statesman placed on grotesque animal bodies. The caricatures in Musée des Patriotes glorify those working to undermine Dreyfus; showing the anti-Dreyfusards in heroic poses.

The posters in this collection were originally bound in one volume. One additional rare poster was purchased separately. Also included in this collection is a broadside concerning the Panama scandal, which paved the way for the wave of anti-Semitism that peaked during the Dreyfus Affair. This broadside was tipped in the bound volume containing the other lithographs.

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