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1. Coal black Rose

2. Long time ago

3. Long tail blue

9. Beautiful isle

10. City Guard quickstep

11. Dodworth's very best polka

12. Grande polka de concert

13. Home again

14. I have something sweet to tell you, or, I'm talking in my sleep!

15. I would not die in spring time

16. Lone starry hours; Serenade

17. Norah McShane

18. Polka militaire; Military polka

19. Pride polka

20. Salutation polka

21. Skippy schottisch as danced at Mr. Hlasko's Saloon

22. Sparkling polka

23. The Egyptian girl's song

24. The Grays quick step

25. The serious family polka

26. Uncle Sam's farm

27. While thus around joy hovers; Dans ce palais regnent pourte seduire; La favorite

28. Would I were with thee

29. A mound is in the graveyard, or, the missionary-mother's lament

31. Annie's dream waltz

32. Argyle polka

33. Call me pet names

35. Dear land of my fathers

36. Franklin College quick step

37. Happy family polka

38. How can I leave thee!; A German melody

39. I have something sweet to tell you

40. Koh i noor; Mountain of light; Valse

41. La belle Louise; Fantasie schottisch; Op. 12

43. Laura Lee

44. Les bagatelles; Introduction et valses

45. Medley overture

46. Oh boys, carry me 'long; Plantation melody

47. Old folks at home

48. Parodi mazurka, or the Searing waltz

49. Poor old slave