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1. Coal black Rose

2. Long time ago

3. Long tail blue

9. Beautiful isle

10. While thus around joy hovers; Dans ce palais regnent pourte seduire; La favorite

11. Skippy schottisch as danced at Mr. Hlasko's Saloon

12. Uncle Sam's farm

13. Salutation polka

14. Sparkling polka

15. I would not die in spring time

16. Lone starry hours; Serenade

17. Would I were with thee

18. The Grays quick step

19. Norah McShane

20. Polka militaire; Military polka

21. The serious family polka

22. The Egyptian girl's song

23. City Guard quickstep

24. Pride polka

25. Dodworth's very best polka

26. I have something sweet to tell you, or, I'm talking in my sleep!

27. Grande polka de concert

28. Home again

29. Koh i noor; Mountain of light; Valse

30. Wait for the wagon; Ethiopian song

31. A mound is in the graveyard, or, the missionary-mother's lament

32. Call me pet names

33. Medley overture

34. Franklin College quick step

35. Annie's dream waltz

36. Les bagatelles; Introduction et valses

37. Willie my brave

38. How can I leave thee!; A German melody

40. Argyle polka

42. Dear land of my fathers

43. Yes! the die is cast; Pestal chant favori varie pour lepiano; Op. 219

44. Oh boys, carry me 'long; Plantation melody

45. Parodi mazurka, or the Searing waltz

47. Happy family polka

48. La belle Louise; Fantasie schottisch; Op. 12

49. Old folks at home