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2951. Sipping cider thru' a straw; Thipping thider thru' a thtraw

2952. Sweeter than sugar is my sweetie

2953. Take me to the land of jazz

2954. Tell me

2955. Tell me why

2956. The alcoholic blues (some blues)

2957. The gates of gladness; The road to sunshine land

2958. The hoodlum

2959. The passing regiment

2960. The red lantern; Shine on red lantern

2961. There are just two I's in Dixie; Two blue eyes that mean the world to me

2962. There's a lot of blue-eyed Marys down in Maryland

2963. They called it the Dixie blues

2964. Wait and see; You'll want me back; Attends voir

2965. What'll we do on a saturday night (when the town goes dry)

2966. Where do they get those beautiful dolls?

2967. Yaa dum see, yaa dum dee, it's just a pretty melody

2968. You cannot shake that shimmie here

2969. You didn't want me when you had me, so why do you want me now

2970. You're a grand old bell

2971. You're a million miles from nowhere (When you're one little mile from home)

2972. Cavalleria rusticana intermezzo

2973. Old black Joe

2974. Royal gavotte; Op. 582

2975. Tea blossoms; Fleur de the; Mazurka; Op. 74

2976. Broadway Rose

2977. Down the trail to home sweet home

2978. Drifting

2979. Everybody's buddy

2980. Everybody's on their way to Jersey

2981. Grieving for you; Satires of 1920

2982. Hawaiian twilight

2983. Hold me; Ziegfeld follies of 1920; Fox trot song

2984. I never knew I could love anybody like I'm loving you; Society fox trot; Je ne savais pas

2985. I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms

2986. I'll be with you in apple blossom time

2987. I'll be with you in apple blossom time

2988. I'll see you in C-U-B-A

2989. If baby would never grow older a mother would never be sad

2990. In Flander's fields the poppies grow

2991. In sweet September

2992. In your eyes

2993. Jazz babies' ball; Shubert gaieties of 1919; Song-jazz dance

2994. Just for a while

2995. Left all alone again blues; Night boat

2996. Look for the silver lining; Sally

2997. Louis'anna blues; Lou'siana blues

2998. Mr. Harding we're all for you

2999. My little bimbo; Down on the bamboo isle; Silks and satins

3000. Old man jazz; An eccentric fox trot song