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251. Jack Frost galop

252. Love is the soul; E il sol dell'anima; Rigoletto

253. March from Moses in Egypt with brilliant variation & finale; Op. 1113

254. My heart's delight polka

255. Peter Gray

256. Poliuto galop; Martiri

257. Regent's march

258. Royal horse guards quadrille

259. The sister of the nightingales; La soeur des rossignols

260. Wandering sprite

261. Agnes polka

262. Amourette or Mount Vernon polka; Mount Vernon polka

263. Annie Laurie; Scotch ballad

264. Ave Maria

265. Beatrice di Tenda; Op. 87

266. Conscript's departure; Jeannette & Jeannot

267. Evening star waltz

269. Home sweet home

270. I will go to the spring; Jetzt gang i an's Brunnele

272. Jeannette & Jeannot; Conscripts departure

273. La Californienne; Grande polka brillante; Op. 167

274. Lady moon

275. March of the First Volunteer Regiment of Alabama

276. Morning star waltz; Schonbrunner waltz; Schoenbrunner

277. Mount Vernon polka

278. North Carolina grand march

279. O wert thou in the cauld blast; O sah' ich auf der Haide; Volkslied

280. Oh! Susanna

281. Ouverture Tancredi

283. Round the corner

284. Sad is my heart with care; Wie mir's im Herzen schwer; Op. 52

285. Schottisch artistique

286. Sea Serpent Polka

287. Shool; American student song

288. Sontag polka

289. There is no home like my own

290. Thousand and one night; Tausend und eine Nacht; Op. 346

291. Wedding march; Midsummer-night's dream

292. Where are the friends of my youth. Quartette

293. 'Tis but a little faded flower

294. Bell Knights waltz

295. Dixie for the Union; (tune: Dixie)

296. Dixie's land with brilliant variations; Op. 1250

297. Douglas Schottisch

298. Dreary day

299. Ever of thee quick step

300. Falling leaves; Autumn reverie