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2901. Dreamy Amazon

2902. Egyptian moonlight; An oriental love song

2903. Everybody wants a key to my cellar

2904. Fleur-de-lys; Flow'r of France bloom again

2905. Follow me; Negro spiritual

2906. Freckles

2907. Fuss and feathers; A genuine rag

2908. Garden of dreams; Reverie serenade

2909. Gee! it's great to be home again

2910. Golden crown; Negro spiritual

2912. Greatest love of all

2913. I am always building castles in the air

2914. I don't want a doctor (all I want is a beautiful girl)

2915. I never knew I had a wonderful wife until the town went dry

2916. I wanna go back to dear old Mother's knee

2917. I'll be happy when the preacher makes you mine

2918. I'm forever blowing bubbles

2919. I'm forever blowing bubbles; Passing show of 1918

2920. I'm happy go lucky

2921. I'm like a ship without a sail

2922. I'm looking for my mama

2923. I'm so glad trouble don't last alway

2924. I'm the guy who guards the harem and my heart's in my work; Ziegfeld Follies of 1919

2925. I've got my captain working for me now

2926. Icicle

2927. If every girl was a girl like you

2928. In a kingdom of own own; Royal vagabond

2929. In our bungalow; Rose of China

2930. In the old sweet way

2931. In the sweet bye and bye

2932. It's nobodys business but my own; Ziegfield's frolic

2933. Jazz baby

2934. Johnny's in town

2935. Just like a gipsy

2936. Kentucky dream waltz

2937. Let the rest of the world go by

2938. Little sunshine

2939. Longing

2940. Mammy o' mine

2941. Mandy; Ziegfeld Follies of 1919

2942. My rose of old Japan

2943. My sugar-coated chocolate boy

2945. Oh how she can sing

2946. Oh what a wonderful summer

2947. Oh! What a pal was Mary

2948. Oh, didn't it rain

2949. On Miami shore waltz; Golden sands of Miami

2950. Peace