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2851. Somebody's done me wrong; Best "coon shout" ever written

2852. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

2853. Standin' in de need o' prayer; Negro spiritual

2854. Sweet Hawaiian moonlight; Tell her of my love

2855. That wonderful mother of mine

2856. The Americans come

2857. The birthday of a King; Christmas song

2858. The greatest day the world will ever know

2859. The rose of no man's land; La rose sous les boulets

2860. The tale the church bell told; Someone will answer for my silence

2861. There'll be a hot time for the old men while the young men are away

2862. There's nobody home but me

2863. Three wonderful letters from home

2864. Till we meet again

2865. We want our Daddy dear, back home; Baby ballad; Hello Central, give me France

2866. We'll do our share while you're over there; I'm over here, you're over there

2867. Welcome home

2868. What'll we do with him boys?; The Yanks made a monkey out of you

2869. When Alexander takes his ragtime band to France

2870. When I gets out in no man's land; I can't be bother'd with no mule

2871. When I hear a syncopated tune; Ziegfeld follies 1918

2872. When Uncle Joe steps into France

2873. When it's cotton pickin' time in Tennessee

2874. When the "Yanks" come marching home

2875. When the flowers bloom on no man's land what a wonderful day that will be

2876. When the good Lord makes a record of a heros' deed he draws no color line

2877. When you come back : and you will come back, there's the whole world waiting for you; March song

2878. When you sang "Hush-a-bye Baby" to me; Companion song to Missouri waltz song (Hush-a-bye ma baby)

2879. While you're away; Pack up your cares in a bundle of joy

2880. You can have it I don't want it

2881. You jes' will git ready, you gwine a die

2882. You'll always find a lot of sunshine in my old Kentucky home

2883. You're in style when you're wearing a smile

2884. Your lips are no man's land but mine; Over the top (Motion picture)

2885. Alice blue gown; Irene

2886. All I get is consolation

2887. All the Quakers are shoulder shakers (Down in Quaker town)

2888. Anything is nice if it comes from Dixieland

2889. At the high brown babies' ball

2890. Bangalore

2891. Broken blossoms

2892. Brought back victory again; Patriotic march song

2893. Bubbling over

2894. Buddha

2895. Carolina sunshine

2896. Checkers

2897. Chinese lullaby; East is West

2898. Don't forget the Salvation Army; My doughnut girl

2899. Down around the river at the Dixie jubilee

2900. Dreams just dreams