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2801. I'se gwine back to Dixie

2802. I've got the Blue Ridge blues

2803. If I could peep thru the window tonight

2804. If he can fight like he can love Good night, Germany!

2805. If they ever put a tax on love

2806. In Flanders fields the poppies grow

2807. In a myrtle shade; Poems; Op. 9, no. 1

2808. In the land where poppies bloom

2809. In the old fashioned way; Somebody's sweetheart

2810. Indianola

2811. It might as well be you

2812. It's never too late to be sorry

2813. It's only the end of a romance to you; But to me its the end of the world

2814. Jazzin' the blues away

2815. Jes' keep on a-blowin' your bubbles

2816. Jigadeer Johnson; March march march

2817. John de Bap-a-tist

2818. Just a baby's prayer at twilight for her daddy over there

2819. Just like Washington crossed the Delaware, General Pershing will cross the Rhine

2820. K-K-K-Katy

2821. Keep the trench fires going for the boys out there

2822. Kisses (the sweetest kisses of all)

2823. Leanin' on de Lawd; Negro spiritual

2824. Little birch canoe and you

2825. Little good for nothing's good for something after all

2826. Little grey home in the west

2827. Louisiana rag

2828. Madelon; I'll be true to the whole regiment

2829. Mammy's chocolate soldier

2830. Me-ow one step

2831. Mickey

2832. Minnie shimme for me

2833. My Belgian rose

2834. My Belgian rose

2835. My Hawaiian rose

2836. My baby boy

2837. My little soul's gwine a shine; Darkey spirituals

2838. Nobody knows de trouble I've seen; Bandanna sketches; Four Negro spirituals; op. 12, no. 1

2839. Not yet; Oh lady! lady!!

2840. Now that the fighting is over

2841. Oh death where is thy sting

2842. Oh! Frenchy

2843. Old glory goes marching on; The flag that never knew defeat

2845. Oui, oui, Marie; Wee, wee Marie

2846. Out of the East

2847. Shine on harvest moon; Ziegfried follies

2848. Smiles

2849. Some day

2850. Some o' these days