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2751. Sailin' away on the Henry Clay

2752. Say a prayer for the boys "out there"

2753. Set aside your tears till the boys come marching home

2754. Sinbad was in bad all the time; Robinson Crusoe, Jr.

2755. So long, mother

2756. Somewhere in France is the lily

2757. Somewhere in Georgia underneath thee sunny Southern skies

2758. Southern gals

2759. Sweet baby blues; Banjo blues

2760. Sweet little buttercup

2761. Swing low, sweet chariot

2762. The Dixie volunteers; Ziegfelds' Follies

2763. The darktown strutters' ball; I'll be down to get you in a taxi, honey

2764. The dream of a soldier boy

2765. The last long mile; Toot toot; Plattsburg marching song, 1917

2766. The more I see of Hawaii the better I like New York

2767. When Yankee Doodle learns to "parlez vous francais"

2768. When we reach that old port somewhere in France

2769. You ought to see the little garden in our back yard; Little garden in our back yard

2770. 'Tis me, o Lord; Standin' in de need of pray'r; Negro spiritual

2771. A Ford song

2772. A little bit of sunshine; A little bit of sunshine from home

2773. A soldier's rosary

2774. Beautiful Ohio

2775. Bing! bang! bing 'em on the Rhine

2776. Can you tame wild wimmen

2777. Captivation waltz

2778. Dallas blues

2779. De Ol' ark's a-moverin'

2780. Drop me down in Dixie; Drop me down in Dixieland

2781. Everything is peaches down in Georgia

2782. Flanders' fields

2783. For it is my land and your land

2784. For your boy and my boy; Buy bonds; Hear the bugle call

2785. Frisco's Kitchen stove rag

2786. Garden of my dreams; Ziegfeld follies 1918

2787. Give a little credit to the Navy

2788. Good bye Alexander, good bye honey boy

2789. Good-bye France; You'll never be forgotten by the U.S.A.

2790. Greatest miracle of all

2791. Hello Central! Give me no man's land; Sinbad

2792. Hindustan

2793. Holy yumpin yiminy; How my Yonny can love

2794. Home coming week in France

2795. I am sending criss-cross kisses to some one's soldier boy

2796. I hate to lose you; I'm so used to you now

2797. I never believed in angels until I met you; Girl of the cross

2798. I stood on de ribber ob Jerdon

2799. I'm goin' to fight my way right back to Carolina

2800. I'm sorry I made you cry