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151. Blandina; Polka brilliante

152. Belisario

153. Wild-rose schottisch; Op. 22; Wild rose schottisch

154. Orphan; Ballad

155. The banjo; Grotesque fantasie

156. Ah! che la morte ognori; Trovatore

157. Giselle schottische quadrille; Gizelle schottische quadrille

158. Twinkling stars are laughing, love

159. Engagement polka

160. Martha

161. Brightest eyes galop

162. Cuba plantation dance

163. The dying Californian; Brother's request

164. Poor Charlie; Old slave who ran away & was carried back to his master

165. Virginian's song of home

166. Zinnia waltz; When other friends are round thee

167. Souvenir de Trovatore de Verdi

168. Listen to the mocking bird quick step

169. Il trovatore fantaisie elegante

170. Deliciosa, or Leonore polka

171. Darling Nelly Gray

172. Hiawatha polka

173. Family cottillions first sett

174. Crystal wedding schottisch

175. Bessie polka; Op. 18

176. The winds that waft my sighs to thee

177. Never court but one; I have finished it, the letter that tells him he is free

178. Andante; Op. 32

179. Buchanan Schottisch; Op. 30

180. Old fashioned cottillions with appropriate figures

181. Elfen waltz

182. Gentle Annie

183. The Rover's grave

184. Cottage by the sea

185. Marche de nuit

186. Gipsy countess with brilliant variations; Op. 690

187. Solo profugo rejetto; From the time of earliest childhood

188. Fairy Schottisch

189. Smile once again my Hattie dear

190. Plantation galop; Billy Paterson; Peter Gray

191. Wine, wife and song; Wein, Weib und Gesang

192. Moonlight on the ocean

193. Opera house polka

194. Lancers quadrilles

195. Song of the robin; Romance

196. Gentle Nettie Moore

197. Annie Laurie schottisch

198. Those pleasant days are gone; Di provenza il mar; Traviata

199. Wild ashe deer; Op. 851

200. Song my mother loved to sing