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1. Masked battery schottisch

2. Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery

3. Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter

4. Old black Joe

5. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

6. William Tell overture

7. When my baby smiles at me

8. Hold me; Ziegfeld follies of 1920; Fox trot song

9. Broadway Rose

10. Grieving for you; Satires of 1920

11. I'll be with you in apple blossom time

12. Whose baby are you?

13. I'll see you in C-U-B-A

14. The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks

15. Hawaiian twilight

16. Just for a while

17. I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms

18. What-cha gonna do when there aint no jazz

19. Sweet mama tree top tall; Wont you kindly turn your damper down

20. Everybody's on their way to Jersey

21. In sweet September

22. Weegee weegee tell me do; Ouija ouija

23. What a wonderful girl you are

24. Look for the silver lining; Sally

25. Virginia moonlight

26. Everybody's buddy

27. Drifting

28. Down the trail to home sweet home

29. Rock-a-bye lullabye Mammy

30. Swanee blues

31. So long oolong; How long you gonna be gone

32. I never knew I could love anybody like I'm loving you; Society fox trot; Je ne savais pas

33. My little bimbo; Down on the bamboo isle; Silks and satins

34. In your eyes

35. Jazz babies' ball; Shubert gaieties of 1919; Song-jazz dance

36. Left all alone again blues; Night boat

37. Louis'anna blues; Lou'siana blues

38. I'll be with you in apple blossom time

39. Old man jazz; An eccentric fox trot song

40. In Flander's fields the poppies grow

41. Mr. Harding we're all for you

42. Sweetheart waltz

43. Old pal, why don't you answer me?

44. If baby would never grow older a mother would never be sad

45. Cavalleria rusticana intermezzo

46. Old black Joe

47. Royal gavotte; Op. 582

48. Tea blossoms; Fleur de the; Mazurka; Op. 74

49. Dreams just dreams

51. I wanna go back to dear old Mother's knee

52. Little sunshine

53. Freckles

54. Fuss and feathers; A genuine rag

55. Bubbling over

56. Checkers

57. I'll be happy when the preacher makes you mine

58. If every girl was a girl like you

59. Don't forget the Salvation Army; My doughnut girl

60. All the Quakers are shoulder shakers (Down in Quaker town)

61. Buddha

62. Tell me why

63. Sweeter than sugar is my sweetie

64. Oh! What a pal was Mary

65. Tell me

66. Let the rest of the world go by

67. Broken blossoms

68. Bangalore

69. Kentucky dream waltz

70. On Miami shore waltz; Golden sands of Miami

71. I'm like a ship without a sail

72. Take me to the land of jazz

73. I don't want a doctor (all I want is a beautiful girl)

74. Where do they get those beautiful dolls?

75. Mammy o' mine

76. What'll we do on a saturday night (when the town goes dry)

77. The passing regiment

78. Oh, didn't it rain

79. I'm so glad trouble don't last alway

80. Golden crown; Negro spiritual

81. Follow me; Negro spiritual

82. Anything is nice if it comes from Dixieland

83. Carolina sunshine

84. Icicle

85. At the high brown babies' ball

87. Chinese lullaby; East is West

88. Gee! it's great to be home again

89. I'm looking for my mama

90. There's a lot of blue-eyed Marys down in Maryland

91. The red lantern; Shine on red lantern

92. Alice blue gown; Irene

93. Johnny's in town

94. You cannot shake that shimmie here

95. The alcoholic blues (some blues)

96. Brought back victory again; Patriotic march song

97. They called it the Dixie blues

98. Down around the river at the Dixie jubilee

99. Egyptian moonlight; An oriental love song

100. Greatest love of all