William Gedney Photographs and Writings

Photographs and contact sheets by 20th century American photographer William Gedney made between 1955 and 1989.More »

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London, England, August 1974, Piccadilly gedst001012004
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Junior Cornett, Corbin, Kentucky, 1972 gedst007010001
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Brooklyn gedst013004001
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South Dakota gedst009011002

About the Digital Collection

This digital collection includes finished prints and contact sheets by 20th century American photographer William Gedney made between 1955 and 1989. The quantity and condition of the materials reveal Gedney's intense dedication to his work, and his interest in street photography, portraiture, night photography, creative composition, and the study of human nature. His work took him across the United States several times (with a focus on Chicago, Detroit, South Dakota, Kentucky and California), to India, England, Ireland, Paris and Amsterdam.

This collection is in copyright, and copyright is held by Duke University and is made available for research, scholarship and private study. For reuses of this material beyond those permitted by fair use or otherwise allowed under the Copyright Act, please consult https://library.duke.edu/rubenstein/research/citations-and-permissions.

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