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81. Title on sleeve: Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck and in another handwriting style SDG w camera 1908

82. Title on sleeve: Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs [1908]

83. Title on sleeve: BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China [1908]

84. Title on sleeve: Street Market [China, 1908]

85. Title on sleeve: Temple China [1908]

86. Title on sleeve: Family

87. Gamble Family Boarding a Boat at a Port

88. People at a Food Stand at Dock

89. Boat on the Canal and a Village

90. Big and Small Boat on the Canal

91. Seated woman surrounded by baskets

92. Junk in the Canal

93. Busy Port

94. Drawing of a lion

95. People standing in front of houses on a street

96. Visitors in sedan chairs and their carriers resting in the field

97. Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

98. People walking alongside a street

99. Linyin Bridge

100. Closeup of soldiers