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21. Title on sleeve: Gate [1908]

22. Title on sleeve: Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

23. Title on sleeve: Chinese Children [1908]

24. Street Scene [1908]

25. Budda statue in a temple

26. Chinese lady holding one child with another one standing by her

27. Chinese fortune teller sitting next to a table [1908]

28. Buddha statue in mountain

29. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner

30. Kneeling statues of sinners

31. Making clay sculptures

32. Chinese couple

33. Wood work

34. Title on sleeve: Sawing logs, 2-men saw

35. Title on sleeve: Soldiers with flag

36. Children West and East

37. Liuhe Pagoda

38. Visitors near a gate

39. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

40. A group of curious Chinese around Gamble