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1. Boats Going under a Bridge

2. Pagoda [1908]

3. David Gamble, Sidney Gamble and Clarence Gamble taking photographs on street

4. Chinese couple

5. Western girl beside carriage

6. Shaded mountain road

7. BOW line of men holding ropes and stocks

8. Street Scene [1908]

9. Title on sleeve: wheelbarrow with Sidney and Clarence Gamble 1908

10. Clarence Gamble sitting on boat deck

11. Title on sleeve: Statue [1908]

12. People at a Food Stand at Dock

13. Title on sleeve: Shrine (for carrying?)

14. Budda statue in a temple

15. Rickshaw with passeger on the street

16. Liuhe Pagoda

17. Linyin Bridge

18. BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China

19. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner

20. Junk in the Canal

21. Statue

22. Street Scene [1908]

23. Thatch roof hut on riverbank China 1908

24. Title on sleeve: Western boy(Clarence Gamble) sitting on boat deck

25. Leifeng Pagoda

26. Street side peddler and the customers

27. Untitled lantern slide

28. Shrine (for carrying?)

29. Drawing of a monkey [1908]

30. Untitled lantern slide

31. Title on sleeve: Chinese Children [1908]

32. Title on sleeve: Temple on Hill

33. Title on sleeve: Children West and East

34. Title on sleeve: Street Scene [1908]

35. Busy Port

36. Boat on the Canal and a Village

37. Making clay sculptures

38. Group of children some carrying leveler, dogs sleeping

39. Title on sleeve: BOW Wheelbarrow city streets

40. People walking alongside a street

41. Boats on shore

42. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

43. Title on sleeve: Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs [1908]

44. Title on sleeve: Sedan chair (Western man and in another handwriting style David B. Gamble 1908)

45. Chinese garden & building

46. Seated woman surrounded by baskets

47. Western Family

48. Two Cows on the Shore of the Canal

49. Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs, Leifeng Pagoda in the background

50. Pai fang