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121. Street market

122. Two coffins in the field outside a village

123. Two boats on the river

124. Four people at an irrigation machine on the bank

125. Junks with Cover on the Canal

126. Dock Scene

127. Three People on a Small Boat on the Water

128. Covered Boat on the Canal

129. People on a river bank, big basket in water

130. Clarence Gamble sitting on boat deck

131. Boat from rear with passengers

132. Boats Going under a Bridge

133. Paifang on the bank

134. Child eating

135. Bridge

136. Western lady on a sedan chair

137. BOW line of men holding ropes and stocks

138. Title on sleeve: Foot Pedal Boat

139. Title on sleeve: Western boy(Clarence Gamble) sitting on boat deck

140. Photograph Album