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101. Tomb of Yue Fei

102. Pagoda [1908]

103. Title on sleeve: BOW Wheelbarrow city streets

104. Title on sleeve: BOW line of men holding ropes and stocks

105. Shaded mountain road

106. Pavillion on water

107. Building front

108. Two passengers sitting on a wheel wagon on a busy street

109. Sidney & Clarence Gamble and others in front of a banboom carver store

110. Street side store

111. Women group portrait

112. Soldiers practice

113. Printing store

114. Horse wagon and two horsemen in front of a gate

115. Indian policeman in front of Wanfulai

116. Western couple on a Wagon with the Native Driver

117. Street side peddler and the customers

118. Chinese garden & building

119. Children group portrait

120. Chinese children