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5501. Title on sleeve: Family at water pump

5502. Title on sleeve: Women

5503. Western woman, temple grounds

5504. Man airing bird

5505. Two idols

5506. Mural of gods

5507. Two men cutting

5508. bound feet (slide)

5509. Statue of horse

5510. Nine by brick wall

5511. Large mixed group inside

5512. One western with group

5513. Man with bird cage

5514. Old man smoking

5515. Group

5516. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus - man and woman with baby (horiz)

5517. Two men resting near load

5518. Mural of gods

5519. bound feet (b&w negative)

5520. Title on sleeve: Students outside of school

5521. Title on sleeve: Young Boys weaving

5522. Title on sleeve: Landscape

5523. Title on sleeve: Children outside of school

5524. Title on sleeve: Children on boat

5525. Title on sleeve: Street Vendors