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5501. Podium near plaque

5502. Western man and woman

5503. Two men cutting

5504. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus man withbaby (profile)

5505. Man with donkey with rollers

5506. Title on sleeve: Elizabeth Loire Gamble (sitting in rocker, blue dress)

5507. Pilgrimage to Miao Feng Shan

5508. Title on sleeve: Group portrait (Chinese men)

5509. Promontory and water

5510. Title on sleeve: Family at water pump

5511. Temples from field.

5512. Title on sleeve: Mixed group waiting

5513. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus bearded man with baby

5514. Title on sleeve: Young Boys weaving

5515. Portrait of girl

5516. Beggar

5517. Title on sleeve: Children on boat

5518. Temples from field

5519. Stone house

5520. Sidney Gamble on ship

5521. Peking - Model Tenement

5523. Title on sleeve: Chinese men and boys

5524. Western woman sitting on ground

5525. Untitled lantern slide

5526. Mural of gods