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5451. Buddha statue in mountain

5452. Title on sleeve: Gate

5453. Woman and baby and man, Chauncey Goodrich Pettus

5454. Title on sleeve: Students signs

5455. Title on sleeve: BOW people in costume and horse carriage on street

5456. Man in long coat

5457. Untitled lantern slide

5458. Soldiers and lion

5459. Title on sleeve: Men gathered outside building

5460. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus - man and woman with baby (horiz)

5461. Western woman, temple grounds

5462. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus - bearded man with baby (vert)

5463. Mural of gods

5464. Sidney Gamble

5465. Water scene corner torn

5466. Man with bird cage

5467. Group looking at photographer

5468. bound feet (slide)

5469. Title on sleeve: Street Vendors

5470. Girl on donkey

5471. Water, mountains

5472. Title on sleeve: Children outside of school

5473. Dining table

5474. bound feet (b&w negative)

5475. Gate in wall

5476. Large mixed group inside

5477. Man airing bird

5478. Group on sled with runners

5479. One western with group

5480. Title on sleeve: Young boys sitting on ground

5481. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus man with baby (looking down)

5482. Title on sleeve: Landscape

5483. Title on sleeve: Men with boxes (vendors?)

5484. Old man smoking

5485. Title on sleeve: Students outside of school

5486. Two men resting near load

5487. Group of men and women for portrait outside

5488. Statue of horse

5489. Title on sleeve: Group portrait Western men

5490. Peking - Y.M.C.A. Graduates

5491. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus, bearded man with baby

5492. Title on sleeve: Women

5493. Group

5494. Title on sleeve: Elizabeth Loire Gamble (standing, pink dress)

5495. Title on sleeve: BOW temple in water

5496. Title on sleeve: Dragon running after red ball

5497. Title on sleeve: Chinese monk under fish sculpture

5498. Chauncey Goodrich Pettus, bearded man with baby

5499. Two idols

5500. Nine by brick wall