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1. Title on sleeve: Temple on Hill

2. Title on sleeve: Western man riding in hand-pulled cart China [1908]

3. Title on sleeve: Thatch roof hut on riverbank China [1908]

4. Statue [1908]

5. David Gamble, Sidney Gamble and Clarence Gamble taking photographs on street

6. People in front of a food stand

7. Monks on the steps of a temple building

8. Street Scene [1908]

9. Chinese couple

10. Chinese lady holding one child with another one standing by her

11. Chinese fortune teller sitting next to a table [1908]

12. Buddha statue in mountain

13. Budda statue in a temple

14. Sawing logs, 2-men saw

15. Statue

16. Wood work

17. Making clay sculptures

18. Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

19. People standing in front of houses on a street

20. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner