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5401. Street market

5402. Two coffins in the field outside a village

5403. Two boats on the river

5404. Four people at an irrigation machine on the bank

5405. Junks with Cover on the Canal

5406. Dock Scene

5407. Three People on a Small Boat on the Water

5408. Covered Boat on the Canal

5409. People on a river bank, big basket in water

5410. Clarence Gamble sitting on boat deck

5411. Boat from rear with passengers

5412. Boats Going under a Bridge

5413. Paifang on the bank

5414. Child eating

5415. Bridge

5416. Western lady on a sedan chair

5417. BOW line of men holding ropes and stocks

5418. Title on sleeve: Foot Pedal Boat

5419. Title on sleeve: Western boy(Clarence Gamble) sitting on boat deck

5420. Photograph Album

5421. Title on sleeve: Group of children some carrying leveler, dogs sleeping

5422. Title on sleeve: Bridge over Canal in city

5423. Title on sleeve: Bridge

5424. Rickshaw with passeger on the street

5425. Houses on a hill

5426. Foot Pedal Boat

5427. Hangzhou city bird's eye view, Leifeng Pagoda in distance

5428. Western girl beside carriage

5429. Group portrait (Chinese men)

5430. Hangzhou city bird's eye view

5431. Chinese man portrait

5432. Boats at a busy port

5433. Junk on water

5434. Qiantang Gate

5435. Boats on shore

5436. Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs, Leifeng Pagoda in the background

5437. Hut by the river with a few small boats in the front

5438. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

5439. David B. Gamble standing next to a sedan chair

5440. Li Hongzhang statue

5441. Western Family

5442. Junk with cover on water

5443. Title on sleeve: wheelbarrow with Sidney and Clarence Gamble 1908

5444. Title on sleeve: River Barge with Sail China [1908]

5445. Title on sleeve: Sailboat [1908]

5446. Title on sleeve: Fortune teller at table [1908]

5447. Title on sleeve: children on street

5448. Title on sleeve: Statue [1908]

5449. Title on sleeve: Pagoda [1908]

5450. Title on sleeve: Riverboat [1908]