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5351. Temple interior

5352. Statues

5353. Soldiers with flag near Qingtai gate

5354. Group of children some carrying leveler, dogs sleeping

5355. David Gamble sitting inside a sedan chair

5356. Houses and trees on the bank

5357. Children on street

5358. Street Scene [1908]

5359. Title on sleeve: Drawing of a monkey [1908]

5360. Title on sleeve: Robert Ftich and Family [1908]

5361. Title on sleeve: Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck and in another handwriting style SDG w camera 1908

5362. Title on sleeve: Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs [1908]

5363. Title on sleeve: BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China [1908]

5364. Title on sleeve: Street Market [China, 1908]

5365. Title on sleeve: Temple China [1908]

5366. Title on sleeve: Family

5367. Gamble Family Boarding a Boat at a Port

5368. People at a Food Stand at Dock

5369. Boat on the Canal and a Village

5370. Big and Small Boat on the Canal

5371. Seated woman surrounded by baskets

5372. Junk in the Canal

5373. Busy Port

5374. Drawing of a lion

5375. People standing in front of houses on a street

5376. Visitors in sedan chairs and their carriers resting in the field

5377. Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

5378. People walking alongside a street

5379. Linyin Bridge

5380. Closeup of soldiers

5381. Tomb of Yue Fei

5382. Pagoda [1908]

5383. Title on sleeve: BOW Wheelbarrow city streets

5384. Title on sleeve: BOW line of men holding ropes and stocks

5385. Shaded mountain road

5386. Pavillion on water

5387. Building front

5388. Two passengers sitting on a wheel wagon on a busy street

5389. Sidney & Clarence Gamble and others in front of a banboom carver store

5390. Street side store

5391. Women group portrait

5392. Soldiers practice

5393. Printing store

5394. Horse wagon and two horsemen in front of a gate

5395. Indian policeman in front of Wanfulai

5396. Western couple on a Wagon with the Native Driver

5397. Street side peddler and the customers

5398. Chinese garden & building

5399. Children group portrait

5400. Chinese children