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5301. Title on sleeve: Gate [1908]

5302. Title on sleeve: Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

5303. Title on sleeve: Chinese Children [1908]

5304. Street Scene [1908]

5305. Budda statue in a temple

5306. Chinese lady holding one child with another one standing by her

5307. Chinese fortune teller sitting next to a table [1908]

5308. Buddha statue in mountain

5309. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner

5310. Kneeling statues of sinners

5311. Making clay sculptures

5312. Chinese couple

5313. Wood work

5314. Title on sleeve: Sawing logs, 2-men saw

5315. Title on sleeve: Soldiers with flag

5316. Children West and East

5317. Liuhe Pagoda

5318. Visitors near a gate

5319. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

5320. A group of curious Chinese around Gamble

5321. Two Cows on the Shore of the Canal

5322. Boats on lake shore

5323. Small boat on the water

5324. Leifeng Pagoda

5325. Cotton shop

5326. Title on sleeve: Dock Scene

5327. Untitled lantern slide

5328. Title on sleeve: Buddha in mountain

5329. Title on sleeve: Child eating

5330. Title on sleeve: Children West and East

5331. Title on sleeve: Boat from rear with passengers

5332. Title on sleeve: 3 Chinese men (conversing)

5333. Title on sleeve: 3 Chinese men (standing)

5334. Untitled lantern slide

5335. Title on sleeve: Western man riding in hand-pulled cart China [1908]

5336. Title on sleeve: Thatch roof hut on riverbank China [1908]

5337. Title on sleeve: Sedan chair (Western man and in another handwriting style David B. Gamble 1908)

5338. River Barge with Sail China 1908

5339. Houses at shore

5340. Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck

5341. Riverboat

5342. BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China

5343. Fishing boat with Two Fishermen and Cormorants

5344. Baby in cradle

5345. Thatch roof hut on riverbank China 1908

5346. Boats Going under a Bridge

5347. Passenger boats on river

5348. Three Pagodas at Jiaxing

5349. Bridge

5350. Baffalos on the shore & next to city wall