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141. Chinese lady holding one child with another one standing by her

142. Closeup of soldiers

143. Soldiers with flag near Qingtai gate

144. Kneeling statues of sinners

145. Houses and trees on the bank

146. Tomb of Yue Fei

147. Drawing of a lion

148. Statues

149. Linyin Bridge

150. Visitors in sedan chairs and their carriers resting in the field

151. Baffalos on the shore & next to city wall

152. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner

153. Temple interior

154. Pagoda [1908]

155. Group of children some carrying leveler, dogs sleeping

156. David Gamble sitting inside a sedan chair

157. Children on street

158. Street Scene [1908]

159. Shaded mountain road

160. Building front