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61. Title on sleeve: Soldiers with flag

62. Women group portrait

63. Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck

64. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

65. Two boats on the river

66. Hangzhou city bird's eye view, Leifeng Pagoda in distance

67. Title on sleeve: Foot Pedal Boat

68. Title on sleeve: Temple China [1908]

69. Tomb of Yue Fei

70. Monks on the steps of a temple building

71. Child eating

72. Title on sleeve: Sawing logs, 2-men saw

73. Statue [1908]

74. Fishing boat with Two Fishermen and Cormorants

75. People in front of a food stand

76. Title on sleeve: Riverboat [1908]

77. House on the hill

78. Title on sleeve: BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China [1908]

79. Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

80. Title on sleeve: Seated man surrounded by baskets