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41. Altar of Earth, Altar & gateway

42. Altar of Earth, Altar stones

43. Altar of Earth, Bronze lion

44. Altar of Earth, Cloissone lion

45. Altar of Heaven

46. Altar of Heaven

47. Altar of the Sun

48. Altar of the Sun, boat

49. Altar of the Sun, boats

50. Altar of the Sun, pillar

51. Altar of the Sun, three small altars

52. Altar of the Sun, trees in distance

53. Altar with Flowers

54. American Board Church

55. American Board Church

56. American Board Church

57. American Board District, Blind Beggar

58. American Board District, Children and Travelling Shop

59. American Board District, Kung Chien Ta Yuan

60. American Board District, Pig Bladders