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1. Title on sleeve: Temple on Hill

2. Field

3. Shrine (for carrying?)

4. David Gamble, Sidney Gamble and Clarence Gamble taking photographs on street

5. Monks on the steps of a temple building

6. People in front of a food stand

7. Sawing logs, 2-men saw

8. House on the hill

9. Drawing of a monkey [1908]

10. Statue [1908]

11. Statue

12. Title on sleeve: Seated man surrounded by baskets

13. Title on sleeve: Fishing with net from dockside

14. Title on sleeve: Shrine (for carrying?)

15. Title on sleeve: Gate

16. Title on sleeve: 3 Pagodas

17. Pai fang

18. Title on sleeve: Temple Interior [1908]

19. Title on sleeve: Street Scene [1908]

20. Title on sleeve: Street Scene [1908]

21. Title on sleeve: Gate [1908]

22. Title on sleeve: Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

23. Title on sleeve: Chinese Children [1908]

24. Street Scene [1908]

25. Budda statue in a temple

26. Chinese lady holding one child with another one standing by her

27. Chinese fortune teller sitting next to a table [1908]

28. Buddha statue in mountain

29. Fuxing Temple Incense Burner

30. Kneeling statues of sinners

31. Making clay sculptures

32. Chinese couple

33. Wood work

34. Title on sleeve: Sawing logs, 2-men saw

35. Title on sleeve: Soldiers with flag

36. Children West and East

37. Liuhe Pagoda

38. Visitors near a gate

39. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

40. A group of curious Chinese around Gamble

41. Two Cows on the Shore of the Canal

42. Boats on lake shore

43. Small boat on the water

44. Leifeng Pagoda

45. Cotton shop

46. Title on sleeve: Dock Scene

47. Untitled lantern slide

48. Title on sleeve: Buddha in mountain

49. Title on sleeve: Child eating

50. Title on sleeve: Children West and East

51. Title on sleeve: Boat from rear with passengers

52. Title on sleeve: 3 Chinese men (conversing)

53. Title on sleeve: 3 Chinese men (standing)

54. Untitled lantern slide

55. Title on sleeve: Western man riding in hand-pulled cart China [1908]

56. Title on sleeve: Thatch roof hut on riverbank China [1908]

57. Title on sleeve: Sedan chair (Western man and in another handwriting style David B. Gamble 1908)

58. River Barge with Sail China 1908

59. Houses at shore

60. Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck

61. Riverboat

62. BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China

63. Fishing boat with Two Fishermen and Cormorants

64. Baby in cradle

65. Thatch roof hut on riverbank China 1908

66. Boats Going under a Bridge

67. Passenger boats on river

68. Three Pagodas at Jiaxing

69. Bridge

70. Baffalos on the shore & next to city wall

71. Temple interior

72. Statues

73. Soldiers with flag near Qingtai gate

74. Group of children some carrying leveler, dogs sleeping

75. David Gamble sitting inside a sedan chair

76. Houses and trees on the bank

77. Children on street

78. Street Scene [1908]

79. Title on sleeve: Drawing of a monkey [1908]

80. Title on sleeve: Robert Ftich and Family [1908]

81. Title on sleeve: Sidney Gamble with camera on boat deck and in another handwriting style SDG w camera 1908

82. Title on sleeve: Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs [1908]

83. Title on sleeve: BOW Water Buffalo Irrigation System China [1908]

84. Title on sleeve: Street Market [China, 1908]

85. Title on sleeve: Temple China [1908]

86. Title on sleeve: Family

87. Gamble Family Boarding a Boat at a Port

88. People at a Food Stand at Dock

89. Boat on the Canal and a Village

90. Big and Small Boat on the Canal

91. Seated woman surrounded by baskets

92. Junk in the Canal

93. Busy Port

94. Drawing of a lion

95. People standing in front of houses on a street

96. Visitors in sedan chairs and their carriers resting in the field

97. Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]

98. People walking alongside a street

99. Linyin Bridge

100. Closeup of soldiers