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41. A group of Chinese men eating around a table

42. Title on sleeve: Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs [1908]

43. Title on sleeve: Sedan chair (Western man and in another handwriting style David B. Gamble 1908)

44. Chinese garden & building

45. Seated woman surrounded by baskets

46. Western Family

47. Two Cows on the Shore of the Canal

48. Two Western Women in Sedan Chairs, Leifeng Pagoda in the background

49. Pai fang

50. Title on sleeve: Street Scene [1908]

51. Two passengers sitting on a wheel wagon on a busy street

52. A group of curious Chinese around Gamble

53. Soldiers practice

54. Printing store

55. Covered Boat on the Canal

56. Boats at a busy port

57. Statues

58. Chinese man portrait

59. Title on sleeve: Bridge

60. Title on sleeve: Chinese Prisoner in Stocks [1908]