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41. Title on sleeve: Street Scene [1908]

42. Title on sleeve: Gate [1908]

43. Title on sleeve: Western man riding in hand-pulled cart China [1908]

44. Title on sleeve: Thatch roof hut on riverbank China [1908]

45. Pavillion on water

46. Li Hongzhang statue

47. Street side store

48. Soldiers practice

49. Street side peddler and the customers

50. Women group portrait

51. Sidney & Clarence Gamble and others in front of a banboom carver store

52. Indian policeman in front of Wanfulai

53. Chinese garden & building

54. Big and Small Boat on the Canal

55. Horse wagon and two horsemen in front of a gate

56. Junk in the Canal

57. Boat on the Canal and a Village

58. Two coffins in the field outside a village

59. Baby in cradle

60. Four people at an irrigation machine on the bank