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303. Beauty's truthful suitor

304. Birthdays matter little

309. Don't Starve Your Hair

311. For One Week

314. I Shall Never Wash My Face Again

319. Ivory Soap Sculpture

322. Man-Made Beauty

323. Nature's Gift to Beauty

334. Those Charming Forties

340. Women Lose

343. "It floats" Ivory Soap

347. A Mirror of Musical Tone

348. A Radiotron for Every Purpose

350. A man's man!

352. A radio set is as old as its tubes.

354. After school days-

356. Bath Salts

358. Dependable

360. Electric radio receivers DAY-FAN

367. Hygienic Freedom

368. I Shall Never Wash My Face Again


375. Misty Summer Things

378. Never a Hygienic Worry

379. Of all Christmas gifts this is... The KING radio

380. Radio Is A Lasting Gift

381. She knows you

390. The set that has no competition!