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1. Thrashing Peas

2. Thrashing Peas

3. Give peas a chance

4. Give peas a chance

5. fresh-picked Green Giant Peas... sweet and tender

6. Buy Kuner's Peas. 2 Hours from Vine to Can.

7. "_____ like the one white pea in a pod."

8. For peas this good, have dinner with the Swansons

11. William A. Cockefair papers

12. Farms for sale

13. Libby's None picked fresher... packed faster!

14. Gabriel J. Rains

15. Ben McCullough

16. Swing to Amocat Quality Foods

17. Dewy fresh!

18. Notice! Notice!

19. War Time Cook and Health

20. Reel 16, 1945