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1. Wesson Oil for Salads and Cooking

2. Preserve New Jersey Farms; "Food Fresher by Miles."

3. Coconut-Almond

4. PURITAN SAUSAGE After All- "The Taste Tells"

5. Schmidt's Bread, Schenley beer (2 advertisements)

6. We work nights for your convenience.

7. En tout temps ... des TOASTS

8. Slice after Slice it's Perfect!

9. M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies

10. Motta

11. 3 minutes!

12. A Good Meal is 3 Miles Ahead Village Diner

13. Soda and Candy Snyder Says Hats

14. Libby's Vienna Sausage

15. A Clear Crystal Glass Jar...

16. Old South Brand Baked Beans

17. Kilpatrick's Bread: Stays Fresh Longer

18. Borden's evaporated milk, Camel cigarettes (2 advertisements)

20. Money Orders Anytime!